Friday, 3 November 2006

the human league - the dignity of labour ep

the human league
the dignity of labour ep
fast 10 (12"+flexi)

I previously posted this some time ago but I've re-posted it due to demand by some visitors. Enjoy.

I've just finished reading Simon Reynolds' fantastic book on the post-punk period between 1978 - 1984:
Rip it up and Start Again (book previously mentioned in the post sunday songs #5). As before, the book got me rifling through my record collection to dig out some of those precious vinyls that I bought back then. Alongside the numerous albums, 12" singles and EPs by Cabaret Voltaire i found this amazing artefact that i had almost forgotten all about. If my memory serves me well, I remember buying this strictly for the great cover that features the legendary "first man in space" Yuri Gagarin . Yuri getting the red-carpet treatment from the Soviet authorities and probably about to receive a chestful of medals and badges and whatever else that was considered as a mark of prestige in the former CCCP. This is one of several discs that I bought by The Human League . I got this one more than likely because it was on the Fast Product label like other favourites of the time, The Fire Engines and
Gang of Four. Seems a bit dated nowadays but I suppose one can look to it as an historical document of sorts. As with the other Fast Product single, 'Being Boiled' -which is quite good, actually- this has to be for me the best thing the band ever did. Didn't bother too much with the band later but I did continue to buy their discs. Stopped after 'Dare' as they were becoming a wee bit too 'pop' for my tastes.

01 the dignity of labour (part 1) these tracks are no longer available
02 the dignity of labour (part 2)
03 the dignity of labour (part 3)
04 the dignity of labour (part 4)

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