Monday, 23 April 2007

shuttle 358 - type radio broadcast

shuttle 358
type radio mix

This dates from a couple of years ago but as it says at type records:" This is a timeless mix..."

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shuttle 358 - type radio mix

shuttle 358 type records

susumu yokota, grinning cat - i imagine
voima - live at loop-line, 01/14/04
minamo, beautiful - yarn
world's end girlfriend, farewell kingdom - call past rain feat. piana
sogar + uison, two point two - local times
yoko kanno, wolf's rain ost - float
piana, snow bird - winter sleep
fonica, eadgbe - 455
dj krush, jaku - beyond raging waves
kuchiroro, com30 - the moon
voyage to sleep, actus bed-duo sampler - outro
no.9, mushi no ne - bug beats
kazumasa hashimoto, epitaph - eama gene
ryuichi sakamoto, chasm - war and peace

*samples of toyko trains by dan abrams

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