Monday, 3 September 2007

guiseppe ielasi - august

new release from 12k

guiseppe ielasi
12k 1044

Following a long, laborious summer one2zero has finally got round to posting something. My relocation has been put back due to some unforseen difficulties; with almost all of my belongings in storage plus the fact that I don`t have a home to call my own yet; posting will be sporadic. Hope to be back on a more regular basis soon. In the meantime, check out the latest release, by guiseppe ielasi on the great 12k label. one2zero

is a haunting, but beautiful album that falls neatly between the starkness of Gesine and the scattering rhythmic complexity of s/t. LIke music for a farewell, an ending of ends, August is moody, static, slow and emotional.

Ielasi, Born in 1974, lives near Milan, Italy. He started playing guitar in 1988, and worked for many years in the area of ‘improvised music’ (long term collaborations with Renato Rinaldi in the duo Oreledigneur, Alessandro Bosetti, Michel Doneda, Ingar Zach, Dean Roberts). He has performed live with Taku Sugimoto, Jerome Noetinger, Mark Wastell, Martin Siewert, Nmperign, Brandon Labelle, Nikos Veliotis, Gert-Jan Prins, Phill Niblock, Oren Ambarchi, Thomas Ankersmit and many others. In recent years his main interest has been in site-specific solo performances, still using guitars as primary sound sources but integrating microphones and multi-channel speaker systems in order to create complex networks for sound diffusion in relationship to space. In 1998 he founded the Fringes Recordings label. (© 12k)

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