Sunday, 25 January 2009

aiff-tiff - raster-noton

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booklet & cd
idea / raster-noton

image: japanese forms

60 page booklet and compilation CD which features tracks from recent RN releases by alva noto, Byetone, Frank Bretschneider and Signal. Booklet features all the aspects of the raster-noton audio visual concepts and photography.

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rechenzentrum (in concert #1)

Friday, 23 January 2009

machinefabriek - ijspret

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no cat. N° ijspret

image: machinefabriek
Four track mini EP
available only as a download from Boomkat. Clocking in at less than seven minutes ijspret reminds me somewhat of Pan American from the River Made No Sound / Quiet City era. Sparse acoustic guitar and some background voices give the whole recording a winterish feel -which going by the Boomkat review is exactly what was intended. Very nice but a bit on the short side. (one2zero)

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ijspret from Boomkat

rechenzentrum (in concert #1)