Saturday, 28 November 2009

taylor deupree & savvas ysatis - hourglass

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taylor deupree &
savvas ysatis

hourglass 12k2015

Available on 12" EP / Download

image: ©taylor deupree

A lush, dreamy, ambient soundscape. Absoulutely beautiful. Available on 12" vinyl or as a download. In my mind, one of the best releases so far this year. Very highly recommended. one2zero

Hourglass [...] two instrumental pieces and two vocal songs created with a multitude of acoustic instruments, analog synthesizers and very little computer aided programming. The idea of treating the computer as a tape deck instead of a programming device was vital to their process as they surrounded themselves in the studio with as many noise-making objects as possible, shunning nothing if it could be used in interesting ways. 12k )

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

peter broderick & machinefabriek - blank grey canvas sky

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peter broderick &

blank grey canvas sky

Available on LP / CD / Download

image: ©fang bomb

Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuyzervelt) (Machinefabriek) teams up with another prolific artist, this time Berlin-based Peter Broderick, and allows us to benefit from this rather splendid collaboration. Includes dreamy vocals by Susanna Lundgren on one track. Perfect for those blank dark winter evenings. Highly recommended. one2zero

Zuydervelt's heavily processed drone-weaving is countered by luscious acoustic instrumentation [...] and these two prolific artists make a good job of integrating their respective approaches. [...] a very natural collaboration: while Machinefabriek often converges on the classical and cinematic, Broderick's instrumental music is rendered with a discerning producer's ear. [...] Gorgeous. " Boomkat )

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

the vaselines - edinburgh

The Vaselines at the Picture House, Edinburgh 09 Oct. 2009

image © flickr widow

Another image from my occasional series featuring concert photographs, graphic artwork and anything to do with the world of music. This one is of another of those reformed bands from yesteryear, The Vaselines. Photo taken by Flickr Widow, when the band opened for Seattle grungemeisters Mudhoney, at the Picture House in Edinburgh last month. I would have loved to have seen the show as they're one of the few bands from a certain period in time that I never got the chance to see play. Excellent indie-pop band, I recommend their entire discography. As an introduction to their music, it would be worthwhile getting your hands on the recent reissue compilation, Enter The Vaselines on SubPop. one2zero

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Sunday, 1 November 2009

ursula bogner - recordings 1969-1988

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ursula bogner
recordings 1969-1988

faitiche 01cd

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image: japanese forms

Another album that I completely missed out on upon it's initial release in 2008. Here, Jan Jelinek enjoys a little joke under the guise of one Ursula Bogner. A bit of hoax but a rather enjoyable one and lets hope that a second promised volume will see the light of day soon. As Boomkat so rightly puts it: "it wouldn't be unreasonable to think of Bogner as a hausfrau version of Daphne Oram, or a Deutsch Delia Derbyshire" - so if you like anything that those two pioneers in the radiophonic/electronic music field ever made you'll surely love this. Wonderful.

Packaging is, as with the gesellschaft zur emanzipation des samples release, is first class: fold-out card sleeve with heavy-duty 8 page illustrated paper booklet affixed inside; filling us in on Ursula's "career" and track recording details. Text in English. Recommended. one2zero.

An exhibtion about Bogners work, sketches, notations will open at the Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin, in mid-December 2009.
In february, 2010, faitiche03, a collaboration between Masayoshi Fujita + Jan Jelinek will be released. In addition, Faitiche are issuing a 7" version of circulations (featuring 4 tracks from the cd version + 1 exclusive track) in the coming weeks.

jan jelinek faitiche
Jan Jelinek on the release:
In the late 1960s, Ursula Bogner started to record her own music on reel-to-reel tapes. With some of these titles, we only found individual tracks of pieces recorded on a four-track-recorder – in these cases, I had to recombine the separate tracks to recreate the original piece. Unfortunately, I could not involve Ursula Bogner in the mixing process as she passed away in 1994. Invoking the original’s authenticity might seem insensitive, yet there was no other way to release them in their entirety. Ultimately, only three of the tracks featured on this CD/LP are such ‘reworkings’. [...] a further compilation is already in the works. ©jan jelinek - (more)