Monday, 22 June 2009

william basinski - 92982

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william basinski


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forced exposure

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william basinski

I've been listening to Basinski for quite a few years now -in fact, ever since I discovered The River on Raster-Noton in 2002 (remastered/reissued 2007)- and have never ceased to be amazed by the fabulous recordings that he releases from his tape loop archives. Based on source material dating from 1982 this album features some of Basinski's best material since the phenomenal, post 9/11, 4 volume Disintegration Loops [Stylus review] set. An album for all those who appreciate Basinski's oeuvre. Faded minimalism at its most. one2zero.
William Basinski on this release:

Something from a long time Brooklyn, 351 jay street...A fruitful evening in the studio... It's crunchy, it's distorted... it's basinski archive circa 1982. The third track some of you may recognize: a shorter version was included as variation #8 on Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive. So, this night in the studio spawned a direction I would follow for some time. As I love this document of that night, I thought you might like to put what came later into context, so I'm releasing this archival recording. The last track is a newly recorded reprise of the first track that I recorded with the original loop in February 2009 in Los Angeles. -- William Basinski, March, 2009 ©william basinski - (more)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

throbbing gristle at the tramway, glasgow

images © monkeyiron & jase mueller

Throbbing Gristle at the Tramway, Glasgow 17 June 2009

A new and occasional series featuring concert photographs, graphic artwork and anything really to do with the world of electronic music. This first post starts of with a couple of images by monkeyiron and jase mueller taken at the recent Throbbing Gristle concert in Glasgow. Anyone who likes TG would be well advised to check out the other, wonderful photographs taken by the Glasgow pair at the show. one2zero

tramway throbbing gristle

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

gesellschaft zur emanzipation des samples - circulations

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gesellschaft zur emanzipation des samples

faitiche 02cd

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jan jelinek faitiche

At around 20 minutes in all this is more an EP than a full album but Jan Jelinek's latest recording project is a sampadelic masterpiece as well as a chef d'oeuvre in the art of plunderphonics. Although I like it less than his previous releases (notably: Kosmischer Pitch & La Nouvelle Pauvreté on ~Scape ) this audio collage is a real pleasure to listen to and a recording that I'll be coming back to more than on the odd occasion. My only complaint being that it's too short but one can imagine the tremendous amount of work involved in putting together this superb item. Packaging is also first class: fold-out card sleeve with heavy-duty 8 page, illustrated paper booklet affixed inside with text in English & German. Recommended. one2zero.
Jan Jelinek on the release:
is no official entity, but rather a rough idea, an association without membership or manifestation committed to one primary and pragmatic notion: financial backing and legal support in case of active breaches of copyright – the process of sampling.©jan jelinek - (more)