Saturday, 11 August 2012

machinefabriek : forks

photo ©japanese forms

cassette tape
banned production

Oh dear! It's been so long since I posted something at one2zero. I've really been neglecting this blog; hadn't noticed that it's been almost 6 months (!!!) since my last update here. Most of my (very little) free time seems to be taken up by my other blogs; by Flickr, and Twitter. Anyhow, I'll soon be working on a complete overhaul of my various blogs (layouts etc.) and promise (don't hold your breath) to post more at one2zero in the future. It's not as if I haven't had any new records to blabber on about but I have been -due to lack of funds- buying a lot less than I used to. Which is no excuse because 'less is more' so to speak (of). Or write about.
Well, for today we have latest production from the very prolific Machinefabriek. Some more electronic wizardry from Rutger Zuydervelt made this time using "tuning forks, steel wool, contact mics, memo recorders, looped cassettes, an answering machine tape, a ring modulator and looper pedals" no less. Not the best thing (in my mind) that Rutger's done but altogether very pleasant drones and whatnot; well worth a few listens on the headphones (in the dark). Nice artwork but it would have been so much better had it been packaged otherwise than in a jewel case. japanese forms

Listen to an extract here

Get it direct from Machinefabriek or from Banned Production

Friday, 24 February 2012

wooden shjips : remixes

wooden shjips
thrill jockey

12.49 - 2012

thrill jockey

image ©thrill jockey

Thrill Jockey release Wooden Shjips' Remixes 12" next week -an MP3 or FLAC version is already available at Boomkat. The space rock / psychedelic rock San Franciscans are the latest to get the remix treatment from the likes of veteran UK dance producer /DJ Andrew Weatherall; another one by Sonic Boom (a.k.a. Pete Kember of Spacemen 3) and the third by Kandodo (a.k.a. Simon Price of The Heads. Has to be my favourite release so far this year... Weatherall's outstanding bass-heavy remix pulses along with a sort of Jan Hammer-Miami-Vice meets Giorgio Moroder dancebeat. "Crossing" has everything going for it; Kember's mix is as trippy as it can get and Kanado's is a brain-munching 12 minutes of guitar distortion which sounds to me something like a spaced out Tibetan dungchen and percussion überdrone. Utterly fabulous. Very highly recommended. one2zero

Thursday, 9 February 2012

battles : dross glop 1

dross glop 1
warp records



image ©warp

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted any updates here; due to the fact that I've bought very few records over the past few months. Although I have a acquired a few new releases -on download mainly- I just haven't got round to posting anything about them. Anyhow, I just got a download version of the latest release from Battles -a band that I really like. The idea reminds me very much of the great Tortoise Remixed project way back in the mid-90s (Unkle, Oval, Luke Vibert, Jim O' Rourke etc.) Dross Glop 1 one is the first of four 12-inch remix EPs of tracks from the band's last album "Gloss Drop." The A-side features a remix of "Wall Street" by Brazilian electronic music producer, Gui Boratto and the B-side; "Sweetie & Shag" remixed by The Field (who already did some remix work on the fabulous "Tonto" EP a couple of years back. I'm not too keen on the what Boratto's done -there seems to be some sort of Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" (I think) instrumental sample included and this completely spoils it for me. On the other hand, The Field's remix is really fantastic -I've listened to it about a dozen times today and I'll be listening to it even more over the coming weeks. Until the next volume appears anyhow. Highly recommended for the B-side alone. one2zero