Tuesday, 23 March 2010

the advisory circle - mind how you go

on my turntable

the advisory circle
mind how you go
(revised edition)
gbx013 - lp & download

image: ©ghost box

Classic hauntological Advisory Circle reissue; includes bonus tracks and re-workings. What we get here are the seven tracks from the original 3" CD as well as five other tracks of exclusive compositions and remixes from Belbury Poly and Seeland. I'm afraid I only have the download version of this LP which comes in a proper full colour sleeve. I would, of course, prefered the LP version but it's not that the vinyl is that expensive, it's the postal costs that you have to pay. A must have for any Ghost Box enthusiast. one2zero

Just a word to say that, finally, I couldn't resist buying the highy desirable vinyl version. See a photo of it here.

"An expanded album length version of the 2006 Advisory Circle EP Mind How You Go, inspired by the world of TV Public Information Films. Featuring two new tracks by The Advisory circle and re-imaginings of two of the original tracks by Seeland and Belbury Poly. Remember, electricity cannot be seen or heard. Harmful, invisible forces surround us everywhere we go. Fortunately The Advisory Circle is on hand to help us make the right decisions. Mind How You Go is an alchemical distillation of the sound of Public Information Films. Spooky, catchy and witty." © Ghost Box

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