Wednesday, 27 February 2008

németh - film



image:japanese forms

Very enjoyable recording from Radian stalwart, Stefan Németh. A couple of the tracks sound very much like some of the stuff found on the two Radian albums released on Thrill Jockey but on the whole this is well worth buying. Especially if you like anything that Radian has done. Nice booklet included but I wish the label would switch to digipak or some other form of packaging; jewel boxes really are the pits.


Film is the first solo album by Stefan Németh, member of Radian and Lokai and the co-founder of Mosz Records. The album developed out of his years of work creating soundscapes for experimental filmakers and installation artists, but it was only after years of creating this work that he had he idea to repurpose it for an album under his own name.(© thrill jockey)

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