Friday, 1 June 2007

seefeel - quique (redux edition)

on my turntable.

quique (redux edition)

Reissue of one of my
favourite albums. When I realized that this disc was originally released 15 years ago it was a bit of a shock. More than just your common-everyday-type of reissue the Quique Redux Edition includes an amazingly good bonus disc of versions, remixes and edits. one2zero

listen filter dub

"An exquisite example of the kind of fusion it's possible to create when using electronics, guitars and an overall Dub aesthetic. Quique brings together the drifting ambient sounds of shoegaze with deep, dubby electronics to create a seamless, lush and beautiful sound. From the majestic, soaring chords and hypnotic rhythms of the opening track right through to the end it's a simply spellbinding collection. And, at long last, it gets a reissue... and not just any old reissue either as this features a second disc with the redux version included. Basically a series of versions, remixes and edits, some of which were released in a limited fashion, but most of which are unreleased, essentially providing us with a whole new Seefeel album... and that's something to be really thankful for. Their later work on Rephlex and Warp was stupendous as well, but for sheer timeless brilliance this is absolutely the one. If you don't have it and like labels such as Kranky, Limit Switch or virtually any electronic label from the last 10 years, you simply *must* get this album." (© Smallfish)

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