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william basinski - 92982

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william basinski


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william basinski

I've been listening to Basinski for quite a few years now -in fact, ever since I discovered The River on Raster-Noton in 2002 (remastered/reissued 2007)- and have never ceased to be amazed by the fabulous recordings that he releases from his tape loop archives. Based on source material dating from 1982 this album features some of Basinski's best material since the phenomenal, post 9/11, 4 volume Disintegration Loops [Stylus review] set. An album for all those who appreciate Basinski's oeuvre. Faded minimalism at its most. one2zero.
William Basinski on this release:

Something from a long time Brooklyn, 351 jay street...A fruitful evening in the studio... It's crunchy, it's distorted... it's basinski archive circa 1982. The third track some of you may recognize: a shorter version was included as variation #8 on Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive. So, this night in the studio spawned a direction I would follow for some time. As I love this document of that night, I thought you might like to put what came later into context, so I'm releasing this archival recording. The last track is a newly recorded reprise of the first track that I recorded with the original loop in February 2009 in Los Angeles. -- William Basinski, March, 2009 ©william basinski - (more)

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