Thursday, 30 July 2009

gareth davis & machinefabriek - soundlines

on my turntable

gareth davis &

mp3 release

image: ©machinefabriek

Available as a limited edition 3" CDR (100 copies) or as a MP3 download. Unfortunately I missed out on this release and, much to my regret, will have to make do with the MP3 version. Another delicious little masterpiece from Rutger Zuyzervelt (Machinefabriek) who teams up this time with clarinetist Gareth Davis for this preview of a full, forthcoming album by the pair. one2zero

fabulous, mysterious sounds are anything to go by, [the album] will be a very exciting release indeed. In the meantime, here's a recording that even the most Machinefabriek-fatigued listeners should check out."Boomkat )

machinefabriek gareth davis


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