Wednesday, 15 June 2011

alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto : summvs

alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto


r-n 132


triple fold-out cardsleeve

©japanese forms

I'm still way behind in my posts with regards to recent purchases
so I'll try and get in at least two posts this week. First up is the latest collaboration from Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakomoto. Summvs is the fifth recording that the pair have made together over the past 9 years or so and it's another sublime piece. A fusion of Sakamoto's piano-based compositions and Carsten Nicolai's digital rhythms and computer/software manipulations leaning towards a lot more harmony and melody than we're used to from Alva Noto.
Immerse yourself in the, atmospheric, relaxing, ambient electronic and acoustic tones that run through the whole album. Features two versions; sans the vocals, of “By This River” from Brian Eno's 1977 album Before and After Science. Highly recommended. one2zero

raster-noton / alva noto / ryuichi sakamoto / carsten nicolai

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