Saturday, 30 July 2011

amon tobin / tessa farmer : isam - control over nature

amon tobin & tessa farmer


ninja tune


©japanese forms


 This is the very first time that I've acquired an Amon Tobin recording -he's one of those electronic musicians that I've sort of passed by up until now so, as I rather like this, I might check out more of his stuff. Another reason why I'm not really aware of his releases is that I've never been too keen on any of Ninja Tune's productions either. Anyhow, although I quite like this (has a kind of Autechre seeping through samplers with lots of distorted crashing sounds feel to it) it's doubtful that I'll ever order anything directly from the label again. The reasons why: First of all, Ninja Tune took my order but failed to inform me that they didn't have any stock of this item. So i had to wait 4 weeks to get my copy... and which arrived damaged because it had been very badly packed! They rapidly replaced it but all in all it took six weeks for me to get this disc. So, I'll go through other channels if I ever buy any Ninja Tune titles again. On the other hand, the object is very nice indeed and I like the music. Hardback artbook features lots of photographs of Tessa Farmer's amazing, miniature, insect sculptures. Recommended. one2zero

amon tobin / tessa farmer / ninja tune

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