Wednesday, 25 March 2009

pixel - the drive

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the drive



image: ©japanese forms

Imagine you're lying, dozing in your garden, or in a park somewhere, on a warm, sunny afternoon; you can hear the distant drone of an airplane; the hum from the endless stream of cars and trucks on the outskirts of the town; and the far off beat of some neverending rave fading in and out across the distance... all mixed together. This is what this album sounds like to me. At least that's been my first impression and... I like it. In fact, I like it much more than the snd release (featured below) on the first listen. Both discs are, however, much better than most of the dross you'll hear in your average day but don't expect to hear them in your local superette. one2zero

Read what raster-noton says:

"Pixel’s third album `the drive` is meant to be the soundtrack to his imaginary journey by car across the U.S.A., a road movie encoded in the track list. with warm and deep guitar amplifier hiss and feedback in connection with floating rhythms he creates very organic sound patterns. the music might evoke images of deserts, chemical warfare plants, rugged landscapes, rocket takeoffs and hectic suburban night life." (© - raster noton)

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