Saturday, 17 October 2009

kraftwerk - remastered

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trans-europa express / the man-machine / computerworld
(remastered editions)
mute cdstumm305
mute cdstumm306
mute cdstumm307

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Like the Can remasters series issued by Mute a couple of years ago these Kraftwerk (remastered) reissues are highly recommended. The sound quality is excellent -so much more satisfying than the CD editions that have been around for quite a long time- and Mute and KlingKlang have done a fine job.
One bad point; although each individual release (8 album boxset available soon) comes in a card slipcase, and includes new artwork and photographs, one thing that really disappoints me is the fact that they're packed in those run-of-the-mill, awful jewel-cases. I suppose, like many admirers of the band, that most of us would have preferred that the individual albums be released in the 'mini-vinyl' card wallet packaging that has been reserved for the boxset only. one2zero

"In 2009 Kraftwerk have upgraded their Kling Klang masters with the latest studio technology and these eight magnificent recordings still sound like nothing else in the history of music. Kraftwerk are unique, pristine, profound and beautiful. Decades may pass, but their streamlined synthetic symphonies stand outside time, as fresh as tomorrow, transcendent and sublime." © mute

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