Sunday, 18 October 2009

moritz von oswald trio - vertical ascent

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moritz von oswald trio
vertical ascent

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Recommended. I'll go along with what Honest Jon's and Boomkat have to say below about this wonderful release. Beautiful packaging as well. one2zero

"... a dream crossing of classic Berlin techno, On-The-Corner Miles Davis, Larry Heard and Can, as at home with calypso as it is Stravinsky." © Honest Jon's

Moritz Von Oswald is a name that needs little introduction to anyone who has followed Techno, Dub or any kind of electronic music over the last 15 years. [...] His most recent project has attempted to consolidate the studio processes which have defined the majority of his output with a live or improvisational element as part of his "trio" including the capable skills of sound designers Vladislav Delay aka Sasu Ripatti and Max Loderbauer of Sun electric and more recently NSI fame. The trio have performed some dozen live shows over the last two years, featuring Ripatti at the drummers stool, Loderbauer contributing synths and live electronics, and Moritz in control of live mixing effects and organ. 'Vertical Ascent' is essentially the best parts of these live improv sessions, edited, tweaked and mixed to perfection by mixmaster Moritz [...] " (more) ©Boomkat

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