Saturday, 28 November 2009

taylor deupree & savvas ysatis - hourglass

on my turntable

taylor deupree &
savvas ysatis

hourglass 12k2015

Available on 12" EP / Download

image: ©taylor deupree

A lush, dreamy, ambient soundscape. Absoulutely beautiful. Available on 12" vinyl or as a download. In my mind, one of the best releases so far this year. Very highly recommended. one2zero

Hourglass [...] two instrumental pieces and two vocal songs created with a multitude of acoustic instruments, analog synthesizers and very little computer aided programming. The idea of treating the computer as a tape deck instead of a programming device was vital to their process as they surrounded themselves in the studio with as many noise-making objects as possible, shunning nothing if it could be used in interesting ways. 12k )

12k taylor deupree saavas ysatis


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