Tuesday, 26 January 2010

william basinski - vivian & ondine

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william basinski
vivian & ondine


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william basinski

Tape loops recorded live at Musex International, Los Angeles, California, September 2008. Commissioned by Lauren Bon and The Metabolic Studio for Strawberry Flag at the United States Veterans Administration Hospital, Los Angeles, California. If you like Basinski,and his avant-garde ambient soundscapes, as I do, you'll love this. Sounds a lot like Basinski's masterpiece, The Disintegration Loops; but that's not such a bad thing. one2zero.

"A brand new album from one of the most revered and acclaimed ambient composers of our time, Vivian & Ondine takes the form of a single, three-quarter hour piece, once again constructed from William Basinski's signature style of tape loop manipulation. While the narrative ebb and flow is largely pinned to a single tape fragment, Basinski merged a further "dozen or so" that sunk into the mix in just the right way, adding to the aura of fluctuation and continuous evolution that's so essential to this man's work." ©boomkat

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