Wednesday, 22 September 2010

ghost box - study series 03 & 04

on the turntable:

ghost box
study series 03 -
belbury poly
mordant music
study series 04 - gbx704
broadcast and the focus group

image: japanese forms

Numbers 3 and 4 in the Ghost Box Study Series. As with the previous singles these
two feature superb
Julian House designed artwork and come in super heavyweight vinyl. N°3, Welcome To Godalming features "house" band, Belbury Poly with the utterly fabulous "Swingalong" while the b-side features Mordant Music with what the label describes as " ecstatic piece of pastoral electronica." Couldn't put it better myself. The fourth Study Series, Familiar Shapes and Noises, probably the most collectable single so far, features Broadcast and The Focus Group who continue where they left off with what was one of the best albums of last year; "Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age." Very highly recommended hauntological brilliance! one2zero

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