Thursday, 7 October 2010

murralin lane : our house is on the wall

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murralin lane
our house is on the wall

image: ©japanese forms

Our House Is On The Wall is the debut release from Murralin Lane; a Swedish duo formed by David Wenngren (Library Tapes) and Yiva Wiklund. Distinctly Lo-Fi vocals, deformed and fashioned through the distorted tones and drones provided by Wenngren make for a certain form of abstract beauty. Tones, drones; recorded through god knows what, with Wiklund's haunting vocals adding to the general feel (sound?) of corrosion/decay that emanates from this recording. Sounds like a rather grubby and dusty vinyl that hasn't been cleaned before being played back through a pair of cheap car-speakers. Speakers that have been savagely pierced by a large screwdriver beforehand I might say. In all, it's great. Recommended.
Lovely 12k digipak packaging; with cover art photography by David Wenngren and Victoria Hannfors. one2zero

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