Friday, 29 October 2010

senking - pong



r-n 122


audio cd + data cd

triple fold-out cardsleeve

©japanese forms

For some reason -probably due to me moving from one country to another and all the problems involved in doing so- I missed out on Senking's previous album on the raster-noton label, List, which came out in 2007. In fact I just realized that the last disc that I did buy by Senking was the Tap album, #4 in the Raster-Post series, and which was released way back in 2003! 'Pong' is not quite your usual raster-noton fare of clicks 'n' glitch abstract minimalism but much more subdued and downtempo. Soundwise let's say it's sort of like Pole meets Alva Noto. All in all a fabulous recording and one that should please anyone who enjoys contemporary electronic music. 'Pong' will easily be one of my top 10 discs for 2010. one2zero

"PONG – referring to the classic video game – is Senking's fifth release on raster-noton, moving its focus on stretched dubstep rhythms. To these slow motion grooves, he adds shredded melodies, sub basses and echoes, which create an atmosphere like an Angelo-Badalamenti-soundtrack known from David Lynch's movies. His electronic sound aesthetic reflects rather an organic texture than a machine made algorithm. In tradition of former dub producers, he generates his tracks while playing, and therefore they appear to be momentary. They are aware of the club, but do not want to serve it. At Berlin's CTM 2010 Senking proved that PONG can be massive on stage as well." © raster-noton

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