Saturday, 1 January 2011

bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa - space finale (tape)

bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa

space finale

demego 011
editions mego

c90 cassette tape
limited to 200 copies

©franz graf

Well I'm starting the New Year with something I completely missed out last year and that is the amazing BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa - Space Finale album. Originally released as a (very) limited edition cassette tape it's since been made available as a 2LP on Mego. Unfortunately, both editions have long sold out and people like myself, who've just discovered this gem, will have to do with a download copy. This is so good that it would have (if I'd done one) made my list of the best albums of 2010... The perfect companion piece to accompany the dreadful weather, as well as the whisky-fuelled stupor of the night before, that we've woken up to this morning... Though, I must make this quite clear, Nilsen and
Stilluppsteypa's drone-along is anything but dreadful; the recording being quite sublime and much more interesting than anything else drone-wise that I've encountered in a while. Not to mention that this tape, all things considered, is almost worth having for the beautiful Franz Graf artwork alone. As Boomkat says "An absolute treasure." Very highly recommended. one2zero

A track from BJNilsen & Stillupsteypa's 'Space Finale' features on the soundtrack to Gaspar Noë's 'Enter The Void.' This film received a 5 star review in The Guardian.


"Fantastic collaboration between two masters of immersive drone music and location recordings. [...] Originally released on cassette earlier on this year. Divided into four lengthy pieces, the album has the feel of a classic piece of analogue experimentation, populated by obliterated field recordings, vintage synth timbres, archaic, blipping tones and above all, acre after acre of sustaining, continuous sound. [...] It's listed that the principal 'instrument' used in the making of this record was a Revox 2-channel tape machine, and the fact that the release was originally consigned to cassette means that the warm, magnetic character of the music is seen through right to the end. [...] Very few modern, digital drone records manage to achieve such an unshakable air of foggy enigma, and at its intangible best 'Space Finale' evokes a fantasy meeting between Delia Derbyshire and The Hafler Trio. Strictly limited copies - an absolute treasure." ©boomkat

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