Saturday, 15 January 2011

motion sickness of time travel - seeping through the veil of unconscious

motion sickness of time travel
seeping through the veil of unconscious

cassette (
c60 tape limited edition of 80)
digitalis ltd. - ltd#154

motion sickness of time travel
digitalis ltd.

Well I'm certainly starting of the New Year with more cassette fun and with the discovery of a whole new bunch of musicians that, I must had admit, was not aware of until I had a look at this week's Boomkat newsletter. Intrigued by the name: "Motion Sickness of Time Travel," I decided to have a quick search around the web to see (hear) what it was all about. Frankly I'm glad I checked MSoTT out because it's led me to some incredible sounds. MSoTT is the solo moniker of LaGrange, Georgia's Rachel Evans (also a member of Quiet Evenings and Aerial Jungle), partner of Grant Evans (Nova Scotian Arms - see previous post). Her music, which can be described as delicate, drone, electronic pop, is really quite sublime. Does it fall into the "hauntology" category? I'm not quite sure but the music does have that "haunted," je ne sais quoi feel to it. The whole considerably enhanced by Evans' ethereal vocals. As MSoTT, Rachel has already released a considerable amount of recordings; almost all of which have been very limited tapes on various small cassette-only labels, so I'll be checking her other releases and will undoubtedly be posting more on her output at a later date. In the meantime I'd advise anyone who's already heard MSoTT, and everyone else who hasn't, to try and get their hands on either a tape or vinyl copy of this album (both formats are sold out). If you can't, try to make-do with download copy. Very highly recommended. one2zero

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