Thursday, 19 May 2011

conrad schnitzler & wolfgang seidel : consequenz 010b

conrad schnitzler &
wolfgang seidel


mirror tapes

limited edition of 250

©japanese forms

This tape falls into a category I would call "so good that it's unlistenable" (or the contrary, maybe). Even though it was recorded only last year it sounds to me like some musique concrète from the GRM or from the very early days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop; only tuneless. This doesn't mean to say it's not good -it might be because I have a headache right now- but I don't think I'll be listening to it that often. Far less interesting, in my opinion, than the recent 10.10.84 tape; also released on the cassette only label Mirror Tapes. For hardcore Schnitzler fans only. one2zero.

Review by David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue)
...Consequenz 010B documents a meeting between Conrad Schnitzler – still the greatest exponent of austere Industrial synth and electronics – and long-term collaborator Wolfgang Seidel. Recorded in an abandoned subterranean bunker beneath the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the atmosphere is suitably macabre and claustrophobic, with Schnitzler generating some of his most psychedelic creations, ranging from wobbly purple architectures of electronics through ominous blocks of silence torn apart by invasions of odd keyboard melodies and sudden bursts of noise. The feel is highly ritualistic, almost like a séance, and there’s a weight to the music that is lacking in some of Schnitzler’s later work, a seriousness and a weight of execution that makes this one of his best contemporary recordings.
© Mirror Tapes

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