Tuesday, 17 May 2011

fourcolor : as pleat

as pleat



image: ©japanese forms

As usual, I haven't been updating this blog as much as I should -I've received quite a few discs/tapes since my last update so I'll try to catch up with the backlog over the next week or so. Latest release on the one2zero deck is the third album from Keiichi Sugimoto's solo project: Fourcolor. Faithful followers of Taylor Deupree's 12k label will be well aware of Sugimoto's previous two and very fine albums: Air Curtain (2004) and Letter of Sounds (2006). As with quite a few recent 12K releases, the guitar has a central role with Sugimoto manipulating the chords to muster up drones, buzz and all sorts of sounds that he shapes into rhythms and a groove that form a sort of alva noto-like ambience. A couple of the tracks are enhanced by vocals courtesy of Sanae Yamasaki (aka Moskitoo). Recommended. one2zero

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