Wednesday, 25 May 2011

pedro magina - nineteen hundred and eighty-five

pedro magina
nineteen hundred and eighty-five

not not fun

limited edition c40

image:©japanese forms

Seems like I'm really out of the loop as far as a lot of new releases and labels go -and don't even talk to me about "mainstream" releases. I've mostly lost interest in a lot of "new" music and even trying to catch up on it, or listen to it. A lot of the bands that the music press (internet included) have been touting or championing for the past few years have passed me by but I imagine that, as far as I'm concerned, it's no great loss to me. Things that I do listen to nowadays tends to be confined to releases on labels such as raster-noton; Warp; 12k; Ghost Box as well as the odd album I read about in The Wire and feel that it would be a good buy; like the recent releases by Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Nonetheless, I still do discover some music that I've tended to overlook -this time the Not Not Fun label which was featured in The Wire last month. I was aware, and had heard some stuff by Pocahaunted but the the rest of the label's roster was unknown to me so, after reading the long article in The Wire I decided to seek out some of the music via the web. Fortunately I came across the wonderful Pontone blog which offers some amazing label mixtapes for download and the one featured this month just happened to be a Not Not Fun one. Among the featured tracks, which caught my attention, were tracks by Sand Circles and by Portuguese musician Pedro Magina and I immediately set out to buy a copy. Needless to say, this (cassette only) limited edition album was sold out so, for the moment,* I have to make do with a download copy. Never heard Magina before but I liked this right off -sort of sounds like an 70s version of Tangerine Dream+Harmonia meets Vangelis... in a way. Recommended. one2zero.

* I've ordered a copy from a German distributor which I hope to get soon.
My copy arrived yesterday (June 3rd).

Buy this tape as a download @ Boomkat


Anonymous said...

New Pedro Magina Music Video:

He is currently on tour through Europe

japanese forms said...

Thanks for the info, Brian